Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Another poem by yours truly

Today again I had a thought,
Of my dear friends, in our golden days
And a smile creeps onto my lips
As I reminisce about our fun and wicked ways

When we used to play and have lots of fun,
Pranks, jokes, slights and brawls
Moments of innocence, instances of devilry
They all blend together in my memory

As I miss them again today,
And i wish they were here with me
A tear falls down from my eyes,
And a smile creeps onto my lips....

Monday, September 24, 2007

freakin out

Yesterday arsenal thrashed derby 5-0.. And man u beat chelsea 2-0.. And we have the india pak match coming up today.. What a cracking game it is goin to be.. Hope yuvraj continues his streak.. Besides the selectors sure have a problem comin up for them now.. Who will they drop and who will they select for the australian series?? Albeit a pleasing scenario.. Yuvraj sure is taking the role of vice captain seriously.. Seems on target to become the prince of this team.. Definitely the best batsman in the current batch of players.. Lets see what the prince of kolkata has to say.. Hope INDIA wins!

Monday, September 17, 2007

cricket again

So India lost another match.. And that too in trademark fashion.. Maybe Sidhu was right.. The Indian wickets fall like a bunch of cycles in the cycle stand..

Friday, September 14, 2007

It happens only in cricket!

India won the match! And what an exciting match it turned out to be.. First of all it was an india pakistan match.. With wickets falling in quick interval.. And the chase comin down to the last ball.. If that was not all.. The match was a tie and the results were decided by a bowl out!!

Watching the match with a lot many other people, and standing for almost the entire duration.. It felt like a small stadium in the place.. Everybody straining their necks to see the game.. And with around 250 people watchin on a small television screen, it sure was hard work.. But it was worth it all.. After all, India won the match!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

One of my friends wrote this:

Hot news.. Robin UTHAPPA gives an uthappam treat to flintoff and pieterson for losing the match. Looks like a raw deal but they had never had such tasty uthappam before. they have agreed to lose the next match also, for a lifetime supply of uthappam. Rahul dravid however didn't finalise the deal because winning both the test and one day series on a single tour goes against his mentor sharad pawars policy.

nature's fury at its best

Thursday, September 6, 2007

one of my poems

When the sun bows down..
And the day is gone..
And your journey comes to an end with your sleep..
You dream about a better future..
You dream about a desire
You wish for somethin you might never get..
And your ignorance lets you rest in bliss...

here r the promised pics

iPod Touch is here

Long awaited by ipod fans and gadget fanatics alike.. The Touch is finally here.. Taking the touchscreen phenomenon ahead, apple decided to integrate a touch screen in its famed product. The interface is the same as the iphone. And it has wifi too.. With the safari browser. Steve Jobs announced the product yesterday. It will come in two models, priced at 299$ and 399$. For pictures and specs come back soon. I will be addin them as early as i can.

P.S. The ipod nano has fallen to 149$ and has got video playin abilities. The iphone has fallen to 399$ and 499$

Oh the smell of the wet soil when it rains!!!

monsoon magic

Well.. Its pouring heavily in this town. And about time too. The heat was gettin too unbearable. And it was already enough that the news channels were projecting that floods were happenin here.. Ironically not a drop fell at that time. Talk about reporting liberally! Anyways, the weather is awesome today.. The perfect day to be indoors and sip a cup of coffee in the balcony. Only if there was someone with whom to drink the coffee with! But.. Not even my room mate is at home.. He he..
Signin out.:-)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Well.. Hello.. I started this blog, to take care of a little problem i have been facing lately.. There are too many thoughts in my head, and not much of an outlet for them, except this! So here goes..