Monday, November 2, 2009

Yet in wait!

I am searching for her, but cannot find
The only girl thats on my mind
I lie awake, and contemplate
Was it too soon, or was it too late?

But only she can help me out
I feel so lonely in a crowd
My wait for her seems to last forever
With no chance of an answer, not now not ever

I want to run, shout and fight
I want to shy, forget and hide
So many conflicting emotions I can feel
If I dont lose hope, I lose my dignity

But what worth is a life without her
A life in which I just trod and shudder
No light, no colour, no happiness at all
Without any light, music or colour

Pray, I have to find a way
I cannot for long, in this condition stay
My mind goes crazy, my heart feels heavy
My life keeps turning into an epic tragedy!