Monday, December 21, 2009

Last night!

I waited so long for a hello,
I waited through songs, through words,
She stayed away all the while,
Until I realized - she was gone without a good night!!

I hang like a lantern in the dark,
Everything sees me, yet I see nothing,
I feel without a meaning, without a reason,
An emptiness in me seems to hide.

I live everyday, as if there's always tomorrow,
So I have lived for year after year that follow,
But is this life? Not to live in this moment?
I run around in circles, when I should just stand and reason

Find happiness amongst all the pain and sorrow,
Beauty which exists amidst the grim and the ugly,
Love thats greater than hate or me,
Live life like there's never tomorrow.

I hang like a lantern in the dark,
Everything sees me, yet I see nothing,
But might not I help someone see in the dark?
Can't that give life a reason, a reason to live?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Yet in wait!

I am searching for her, but cannot find
The only girl thats on my mind
I lie awake, and contemplate
Was it too soon, or was it too late?

But only she can help me out
I feel so lonely in a crowd
My wait for her seems to last forever
With no chance of an answer, not now not ever

I want to run, shout and fight
I want to shy, forget and hide
So many conflicting emotions I can feel
If I dont lose hope, I lose my dignity

But what worth is a life without her
A life in which I just trod and shudder
No light, no colour, no happiness at all
Without any light, music or colour

Pray, I have to find a way
I cannot for long, in this condition stay
My mind goes crazy, my heart feels heavy
My life keeps turning into an epic tragedy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another one written in class!

I sit here and wonder today,
Who are you? What are you for me?
A friend - with whom to spend my time?
A companion - with whom to live through life?
A crush - who makes my heart skip a beat?
My love - who defines my life?

Do I know you? Do I understand?
Do I want you? Do I need you?
Do I like you? Do I love you?
Do I beget you? Do I deserve you?
Too many questions there are to ask
Of you, of me, of us together

Coz I know not what will happen
I know not what I want
I know not what you want
I know not your heart
All I know, and care right now
Is to spend time with you and define what is 'us'!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A poetry written in the classroom!

Such a weird beginning we had,
A sunrise of a different kind.
We met, we talked, and just couldn't stop,
Always wishing that the night would never end.

I never thought I would find in you,
Everything that I wanted in her person.
Never did anyone make me shut my jabber,
And just want to look, admire, and listen.

There has been something between us since the start,
A connection, an emotion, a blinding spark.
I want to come close, be with you, be one,
But your actions and words, they push us apart!

And try as I may I can never forget,
What went on between your heart and mine.
So give it a thought, a push, a moment,
All I want to hear, is that you will give it a try!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

A review

In hindsight, I realise what my fault has been. I worry about those who are not worth the worry, and don’t worry about those who really care. And that makes all the difference. Life has a funny way of teaching you things. And an even funnier way of teaching you the lessons you just don’t seem to learn on your own. Sometimes even twice bitten and thrice shy falls short!
But, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes(and those of others) when it still can make a difference. Well, to achieve that aim, requires effort. And effort, I realise, is a must now. My life has been running in circles. Going over the same problems again and again. Lack of effort and untoward expectations have been my down fall up until now. It seems, I need to concentrate my efforts in the right direction.
Instead of wasting time, analysing the past and trying to predict the future, i need to give my all to the present. Dreams are always seen, but you need to work on them to achieve them. It seems that the time is ripe to take a step in the right direction.
Firstly, I need to stop wasting my time on meaningless pursuits. Gaming, girls, popularity. These are all just chaff in the wheat called success. If you are successful, you don’t need to go looking for these things. These things come looking for you.
Secondly, I need to learn to concentrate at the task at hand. I have always been procrastinating, now I need to go ahead and Just Do It. Its much more fun having fun, if you don’t need to worry about some work you left undone.
Thirdly, I need to learn to persist. I have left too many things half cooked. I have lost steam half way so many times. I seem to have lost the confidence to finish anything ever. Its time I selected a task, saw it to the end, and hence gained back my self-confidence.
Fourthly, I need to learn to truly balance my life. I have oft misused this term.And now, its about time I actually learnt how to do it. Balance in life and peace of mind are so heavily dependent on each other, that having no balance is akin to having no peace.
And finally, I need to learn to become selfish in the good sense of the word. Stop interfering in other people’s lives, and stop trying to help them (very few times are people actually thankful for your help!). Actually think about my actions and their effects on my future, and hence prioritize my time.
I start this journey unknown of the consequences or the destination I will finally reach. But hoping, that it corrects the direction of my life enough, to justify the gifts of the lord above.