Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Can

From the fire that burns the heart,
Rises a strong and new-found man,
Having faced the atrocities of the world,
He proudly states, "I Can!"

For him the world is a book
From which to learn and find,
He knows no boundaries to ability
He only knows he can

He lives and breathes, with special cause,
He has a perfect goal
He can see only the leading path
For thirst is in his soul

He can thence, fathom the lonely thought,
And become the ideal man
He lies there in all of us,
And awaken him we can!

The Going is Tough

How hard it is to control
The feelings that are inside me
How hard it is to fight
The desires which reside in me

My life is going on
Getting harder day by day
The going is getting tough
Pray, the mind doesn't stray

We had fun, so many days
Had joy, and laughter too
Had days worth remembering
And all of them, seem'd so true

Help me through these times
That have come into my life
Now the goin' is gettin rough
So please make me tough.

First Day of Dreary Distance

Your voice resounds in my mind
My heart cries a painful lore
For distance aint so easy to bear
Nor despair easy to dunk on shore

I knoweth, this the first day be
A drop in the seven's ocean
How will I bear these moments more?
Oh! They glideth past so slow

Hath you for even a moment asked,
Of my presence, of my staying back
Then, not would I have gone beyond horizon
In this voyage, having its return unknown

This place I goeth not new to me
known it since my birth and cradle
But it aint the same anymore
Alongwith you, it so far a distance be

And then my heart wonders out loud
For you - Am I a distant shroud?
Would thee be thinking of me now?
Or am I an all-forgotten sore?


It comes to thou only once
This special gift of God
So do accept and treasure it
Cause it is worth it all

Your actions influence it
Your deeds glorify it
Your work encourages it
Your end defines it

Life is a wonderful thing
You're fortunate to have got it
So show how much you deserve it
Live the fullest you can

So promise never to frown
For that will waste it all
Promise to remain happy forever
For life is worth it all

The Worthy One

People say my heart is empty
There's nothing there but blood and flesh
Little do they know
Just how much I can care

There's so much love inside me here
There's so much I have to give
I have kept this stored for long
For someone who'd be worth it all

Away from the dangers of this insane world
Away from all the madnes
In a safe place, kept secret
Right inside my lonely heart

And then it happened one day like a spark
I saw something, which made me say
Could this be it?
Could this be the one I could love?

There she was standing
Wow! An angel she really was
She had to be the one
The one to get all my love

I tried to say something
Something in her praise
But she just looked so beautiful
I didn't know what to say

I could look in her eyes all day
For it was like a dream come true
Those blue eyes, they were lovely
Was I worthy of her love?

Yes, she is the one worthy
Worthy of all I can give
I just hope she feels the same
For that would just be..... it!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Is There Someone In Your Life?

People come and people go
But is there anyone in your life?
Anyone who is worth to you more than gold
Shalt thou stay alone forever?
Or shalt there be someone there?
Who shall drive your heartbeat forever

Love is like a winged bird
Always ready to fly away
So never keep it in a cage
For love will show you the way
So get on the heartbeat drive
And get ready to have the time of your life

Is there anyone, for whom you'd sweat and strive
For whom you could give your life
For whose smile to see
You could cross the seven seas
Are you ready for the heartbeat drive?
Is there someone in your life?

Love Your Life

Love your life as you get it
It will blossom none twice
Try and love as much as you can
In this life full of sizzle and spice

God kindled you and thus you came
Upon this land of love and hate
It is all upon your choice
It is all up to your make!

If you learn from your mistakes
You have every right to make some
So dont scowl and frown when you fail once
Or you wont let the happy times come

Few people have ever learned
This, a special trait, its true
But you shall learn it, if
You just give it a try

Love is life, and life is love
So love all, in your life
Because thats what really counts
when you're at the gates of heaven
Waiting for your afterlife!

Life's mission

Life is a journey, enjoy it
Enjoyment is a choice, take it
Choosing is a decision, think it
Deciding is an art, master it
Mastery is practice, try it
Opportunity beckons daring, risk it
Risk nothing precious, or you'll regret it
Body is the house of mind, exercise it
Worth is determined by priority, organise it
Be your true self, reflect it
Conscience is honest, hear it
Possibilities are everywhere, imagine it
Its your life, be aware of it
Its your dream, will it
This your mission, follow it