Tuesday, January 8, 2008

May mean the series is 2-0 and that you cant lose the series from now. But for everyone else, it just means that not only have you lost the series, but even the small place in our hearts that you had earned for your game. Your loss really!

Antics of yours fully qualify as an excellent performance. Though whats hurt me most has been the fact that even gilly is a part of your performance. I really had a lot of respect for that guy. And its been totally tarnished. The fact is that your record should have won you praises, but all its done, is to destroy all that your team earned these past few years. Grow up ponting. And ya, for you it

Brett lee, an ex policeman at that. And dont act with that holier than thou attitude. Just because the icc is partial to the fairer skin, doesn't mean that fans are racist too. Atleast not most fans. I mean everyone knows that it were the umpires that won you the match, and not some exemplary performances by your players. Though, it has to be said that excessive appealing, sledging, and other such

But do you guys really ever play fair? Ask any country that tours australia and you will find that each and every one of them is annoyed by the partiality shown to the baggy green by the umpires. But is it really worth winning like this? I mean that all of us know that you guys in the team are great mates. But who will believe that symonds needed to stand up to harbhajan, such a frail guy, for

Aussies are cheats

First of all, congratulations to ponting for winning his 16th consecutive test and equalling a world record. Though are you really pleased with the record now? Don't you see that you have lost all your credibility and respect in the process. I mean what a cunning manner to avoid the Harbhajan problem by creating false allegations and then acting like god. We know that australia plays hard.