Thursday, October 7, 2010

A journey just begun

I recently joined classes for MBA coaching. It didn't hit me then that I was about to give the toughest exam in the world.
However, recently I have been witness to a few of my friends having a really tough time in their preparations. People who I consider much superior to me, when it comes to the english language, or even intelligence per se, are faring much worse than i would expect them to. And it makes me wonder whether, I even have any minute chance of succeeding in my quest.
On the one hand, I know a few people who have immense faith in my abilities. Much greater faith than I have on myself. They feel that if I put in the right effort, there shouldn't be a hurdle I cant cross. While, on the other hand, I see much more deserving people falter.
When I contemplate, I realise they aren't completely wrong, those that believe in me. I have never really stretched myself enough. Never worked so hard that I feel that I have no more energy left in me. For this once, I need to reach that limit.
Frankly, I don't think that I should be too discouraged by the results that others obtain for their efforts. I know I have it in me to achieve my aim.
It is today, I feel, that my journey has begun.