Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Worthy One

People say my heart is empty
There's nothing there but blood and flesh
Little do they know
Just how much I can care

There's so much love inside me here
There's so much I have to give
I have kept this stored for long
For someone who'd be worth it all

Away from the dangers of this insane world
Away from all the madnes
In a safe place, kept secret
Right inside my lonely heart

And then it happened one day like a spark
I saw something, which made me say
Could this be it?
Could this be the one I could love?

There she was standing
Wow! An angel she really was
She had to be the one
The one to get all my love

I tried to say something
Something in her praise
But she just looked so beautiful
I didn't know what to say

I could look in her eyes all day
For it was like a dream come true
Those blue eyes, they were lovely
Was I worthy of her love?

Yes, she is the one worthy
Worthy of all I can give
I just hope she feels the same
For that would just be..... it!

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