Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Day of Dreary Distance

Your voice resounds in my mind
My heart cries a painful lore
For distance aint so easy to bear
Nor despair easy to dunk on shore

I knoweth, this the first day be
A drop in the seven's ocean
How will I bear these moments more?
Oh! They glideth past so slow

Hath you for even a moment asked,
Of my presence, of my staying back
Then, not would I have gone beyond horizon
In this voyage, having its return unknown

This place I goeth not new to me
known it since my birth and cradle
But it aint the same anymore
Alongwith you, it so far a distance be

And then my heart wonders out loud
For you - Am I a distant shroud?
Would thee be thinking of me now?
Or am I an all-forgotten sore?

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