Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I dreamt again of you today,
Will this now happen on every day,
You overpower my every thought,
To what bittersweet end, have i been brought?

I want you more with every breath,
I want you more with every day spent,
I feel your touch, I feel your breath,
I feel you, even when I know you are not there.

That smile, a joy forever for me,
Without it, this world seems gloomy to me,
You are my life, I live through you,
With each absent day, I die without you.

I can feel the kiss, you first gave me,
A surprise, ecstatic it made me,
I remember each kiss, I have got ever since,
Each peck, each nibble, my heart it fills.

Yet, there is something, I think is amiss,
Something I want, but havent got as yet
I know you need time, all I have got, I shall give,
But when it comes, we'll get closer still.

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