Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today as I woke up

Something I wrote just after I woke up. It lacks finishing and is crude in places. But couldnt stop myself from putting it up.

Today I woke up and grabbed beside,
Hoping, it wasn't a dream, for a while,
Where I and you were together in bed,
My arms around you, yours' holding me tight.

Oh what I would give to have you next to me,
Our paths entwined, lives a musical symphony,
With the break of dawn, I could see your peaceful face,
And I would admire its beauty till morning came.

I would remove the falling hair from your face,
Uncover your back, feel all over and embrace,
We would patiently remove the walls between us,
Each piece would disappear, nothing left in the end.

Then I would grab beside me again,
Nibble at your ears, your neck, your face,
Kiss you all over, from bottom to top,
And then we would be one, and complete this love song.

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