Sunday, November 4, 2012

Its a fantastic world!

The world of video games and movies is very inviting. Within a few minutes, it can transfer you to a parallel fantasy universe. In that universe, you could be what you want to be and do whatever you feel like doing.
You could be some magical creature or a murderous villain. You could be a footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo or a superhero like Batman. You could be a handsome guy like Tom Cruise or the svelte beauty like Salma Hayek. You could live out your childhood fantasy by becoming the boy who lived or you could rule several kingdoms. You could kill many people and you could yourself have several lives.
The world of make believe offers you many such options. It is an invention like no other. Some say it has many of the effects of recreational drugs. While some others say that it could be therapeutic. For some people it is a means for entertainment and relaxations. For many others, it’s a respite from this cruel unforgiving world.
I think it has its pros and cons. If used properly, it delights and inspires. I myself am a huge fan of movies. However, the problem is that it usually ensnares those people who are most easily susceptible – the kids and the youngsters.
With the growing amount of competition and a dog-eat-dog world, the young have too much pressure to bear. Much more than many of us have had to bear in all of our lives. The over active media and hyper competitive parents are bombarding the kids with statistics and expectations, maybe more than these kids can handle. More and more kids are falling prey to depression or suicidal tendencies. Even the physical and physiological growth of kids is getting affected. Kids are attaining puberty as early as the age of six or seven.
In such a scenario, it’s very easy for them to get lost in the comfortable and easy world of fantasy.
The challenge before us is to show to the kids that the real world is much more fantastic.

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